Chiang Mai charm reigns: Panida crowned Miss Thailand 2024

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The latest holder of the illustrious Miss Thailand title is Panida Khueanjinda, a proud native of Chiang Mai. She outshone 34 other participants in the contest that took place at The Mall Ngamwongwan’s MCC Hall.

Panida is not a stranger to such accolades, having previously won the Miss Grand Nakhon Phanom 2022 title. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Chiang Mai, she now carries the distinction of being the 55th woman to hold the coveted Miss Thailand title.


Her coronation came with a host of prizes, including the Sai Yai Phuk Phan crown, bestowed upon her by God Diamonds. In addition to the crown, she was awarded the official wand, a bouquet, a cash amount of 800,000 baht, and a one-year complimentary stay in a condominium provided by Asset Wise. She was also showered with a variety of gifts from sponsors.

This year’s competition took place on Sunday, February 25. Panida’s winning edge was not only her beauty but also her vision. She communicated her ambition of advocating for self-worth, underlining its significance for people who may feel unnoticed or disheartened. During the question and answer segment of the competition, she stressed the importance of harnessing happiness to attain authenticity, a sentiment that seemed to resonate with the judges and audience alike.

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The first runner-up of the competition was Pornsirikul Puata, hailing from Prachuap Khiri Khan, and the second runner-up was Atitiya Benjapak from Nakhon Ratchasima. Both women represented their provinces with grace and poise, contributing to a memorable and competitive evening.

The Miss Thailand competition has long been a platform for Thai women to showcase their beauty, intellect, and social visions. The event was a testament to the diversity, talent, and ambition found among Thai women. It was a night where beauty, brains, and benevolence took centre stage, and Panida Khueanjinda emerged as a symbol of all three attributes.

Panida’s win has indeed put her on a pedestal but more than that, it has given her a platform to promote her vision of self-worth, a cause she is passionate about. As she embarks on her journey as Miss Thailand 2024, one can anticipate the positive influence she will have on individuals who need encouragement and motivation to value themselves and their happiness. The crown on her head is a symbol, not only of her beauty but of her vision and the change she hopes to inspire.

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Chiang Mai charm reigns: Panida crowned Miss Thailand 2024 | News by Thaiger
Picture of Panida Khueanjinda courtesy of Pattaya News

Panida emphasised her vision during the competition.

“Self-worth is an essential aspect that individuals need to realize. It helps individuals feel loved and important, and I want to use my platform to promote this.”

While the beauty pageant reached its conclusion with Panida’s win, the journey for these women is far from over. The experiences they gathered, the friendships they made, and the visions they shared will continue to shape their personal and professional lives. As for Panida, her reign as Miss Thailand has just begun, and the nation looks forward to seeing her vision of promoting self-worth come to life.

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