Celebrities Clash At Ochonjo’s Candle Lighting Ceremony After This Happened

Celebrities Clash At Ochonjo's Candle Lighting Ceremony After This Happened

The final fundraising and candle lighting ceremony for popular actor Duncan Ochonjo took place yesterday on Thursday 25th at the Kenyan National Theatre and several celebrities graced the occasion. Among them were former Papa Shirandula actors Jalang’o, Juma Anderson, Wilbroda, Onjiri and several others. Moreover, common celebrity faces among them Sandra Dacha, Comedian Akuku Danger and content creator Nyaboke Moraa were also present during the event.

However, hell broke loose when popular digital content creator Mike Wako took the podium and reportedly made a claim that angered some of the celebrities. Wako who had worked with Ochonjo under the Onsongo comedy stated that most friends did not come out for Ochonjo when his Ksh.200,000 medical bill was needed so as to transfer him to a better hospital.

“Nilipost vile Ochonjo anahitaji hio pesa but nobody offered help, but when I posted that he had died even blogs reposted my story.” Wako stated.


Infuriated by the claim, Sandra Dacha was seen shouting at the top of her voice alongside her colleague Nyaboke Moraa as other celebrity attendants among them actor Juma Anderson tried to calm them down.

“Tulipeleka Ochonjo hospitali alafu anasema no one was there.” Sandra ranted.

The situation was however contained, and all the agendas exhausted. Ochonjo’s body will leave for his home in Nyakach, Kisumu County today 26th May 2023 and will be laid to rest tomorrow Saturday.


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