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Caroline Mutoko clears the air after comment on Expressway angered Kenyans

“I want to talk about the myopia of anybody thinking that my concern of PSV’s being on the expressway is about the PSV’s.

“It’s about the fact that as a people we are indiscipline. As Nairobians we are indiscipline and PSV’s in Nairobi are massively indiscipline. There is absolutely no problem with PSV’s being on the Expressway on condition that their speed governor are back on. It should be a prerequisite for PSV’s to have a speed governor on the expressway,” Caroline Mutoko said in part.

Mutuko made it clear that she will to back down on championing for safety on the Expressway.

“Not just because of the few accidents we have seen. You have to be self-discipline… a lot of the accident that have happened on the expressway, a lot of the victims were at a standstill.

“You will not get me to back down on one thing, having PSV’s on the expressway without insisting that there are speed governors is courting trouble. This cannot be about the vehicle it’s about the passengers,” Caroline Mutoko explained.

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She further stated that hefty fines should be put in place for those causing accidents on the Nairobi Expressway.

“I hope somebody today is working on punitive fines for the expressway…because we can’t be trusted to behave,” she added.

Wait, we now have matatus on the Expressway? Courting trouble…” she commented on the crash.

Many netizens bashed Mutoko, arguing that the road is open for a wide range of road users who can afford it, something that has forced her to expound her statement.

Matatus have been charging passengers extra fare to use the Nairobi Expressway to avoid traffic on Mombasa Road.

Moja Expressway also set the fee for matatus higher than personal cars that pay between Sh120 and Sh360. Buses pay up to four times more.

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