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BlocBoy JB Claims That He Doesn’t Talk To White Women

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BlocBoy JB is no stranger to speaking his mind online. The rapper has often made headlines for hilarious or outlandish things he’s said in the past and he doesn’t seem to be done. In a new video he shared to Instagram the rapper claimed that he doesn’t talk to white people, more specifically white women. But he also took the time to explain why he makes that choice.

“The reason why I don’t talk to white people, like white females, because, one, they be already scared of a n*gga. Two, they be thinking a n*gga gonna steal something,” he begins the clip. “And three, I don’t got no time to be getting criticized by nobody. Like b*tch, I got more money than you. What the f*ck? It’s like what the f*ck the n*ggas done did to these white people that got them so f*cked in the head,” he continues. The full video sees him expanding his profanity-laced rant went on to cover a variety of other topics before concluding. Check out the full clip below.

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BlocBoy JB Says White Women Are “Scared” Of Him

In the comments fans seem to disagree on whether they share his observations, but almost everyone cracks jokes regardless. “They don’t say excuse me in the grocery store definitely rude asf 🤣,” one of the top comments reads. “Felt that when ya speak to em tht don’t say sh*t” and “It’s funny but it’s true” other comments read.

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Earlier this year, BlocBoy drew attention for his best rappers of all time list. Included on the list were some uncontroversial choices like Eminem, Drake, and J. Cole. But it was the fact that he included himself amongst those names that got plenty of attention from fans. Rappers having confidence is nothing new, but JB’s list in particular had some fans clowning him online. What do you think of BlocBoy JB’s claims that he doesn’t talk to white women? Let us know in the comment section below.

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