Biggest relationship dramas of 2023

Biggest relationship dramas of 2023

There was definitely something in the waters because 2023 was like a rollercoaster in the relationship department. This year, several relationships threw in the towel, marriages ended and co-parenting became a new normal.

Netizens witnessed lovebirds airing their dirty laundry on the internet – it was like watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians,’ except that they really couldn’t keep up with the drama. Did we say the waters were a bit too spicy for comfort? That’s right!


Let’s explore some of the biggest relationship dramas of 2023. Be sure to keep up.

Samidoh, Karen Nyamu, Edday love triangle

This here, deserves a standing ovation because Cupid surely took a vacation earlier from this and left chaos in his wake.

UDA-nominated senator Karen Nyamu has been at the centre of a controversy involving her affair with Mugithi singer Samidoh, who was already married with kids.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh (left). Edday Nderitu (right). PHOTOs/Edday & Karen/Facebook

They met in 2019 during a political event, and their relationship was under wraps for a while.

Their once controlled and easy entanglement became ugly during Samidoh’s performance in Dubai where Nyamu caused a scandal that saw them trending on the internet for days.

Nyamu and Edday, Samidoh’s wife met at the Dubai club and it was chaos.

Responding to that dramatic scene that saw her being kicked out of the Dubai club and ridiculed on the internet, Nyamu noted that Samidoh had scheduled for Edday to spend some time with him later since she had had enough fun with him that day.

Nyamu and Samidoh broke up after the whole scandal.

The drama got heated a few days later with Samidoh saying he won’t be pressured to get a second wife to please people, a statement that ignited an online spat between him and Nyamu.

Samidoh don’t accept to be a slave to your past. Make peace and move on, you don’t have to marry a second wife by force juu amezaa kwa kutaka ama kukutega. And she is not giving you peace either! You have a very mature wife and peaceful! Be content with that and build your home,” a fan advised.

 “Hehe, I will never agree to take to my mother a frog to please people,” he replied.

While responding, Karen posted a cryptic comment that was undoubtedly aimed at him.

“Hehe, ata yeye ajue kusoma the signs of the times. Gone are the days when it mattered what he said. The uhii (childishness) I saw cannot be unseen,” Nyamu said.

In another post, the politician asked her fans to tell Samidoh to look for Amber Ray’s ex so that they could combine insults.

What does what he decides to call me, have to do with me?🤷🏽‍♀️ Mwambie atafute kama yule ex wa Amber Ray wasaidiane machungu za kutusi ma ex,” Karen said.

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Following the drama of the scandal in Dubai and their breakup, in February 2023, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua asked Samidoh to put his house in order and stop airing their dirty lines in public.

He said this while attending his sister-in-law’s burial where Samidoh was joined by Karen Nyamu.

Edday Nderitu expressed her displeasure after the Mugithi singer was spotted in the company of Nyamu during the funeral.

Stressing that she was not ready to be in a polygamous marriage, she wrote on Facebook that she would walk out of the marriage for the sake of her kids.

Samidoh and Nyamu were unmoved by Edday’s message as they once again made a joint appearance at the burial of the singer’s nephew Geoffrey Mwathi in Nakuru on March 8, 2023.

At the ceremony, the singer introduced Nyamu by their daughter’s name (Mama Wairimu) when he asked her to greet mourners.

Edday relocated to the US with all her children in May 2023.

In a Facebook post on July 22, 2023, Edday clarified that she was not in a polygamous marriage, stating, “I left the husband for whoever needed him more.”

Earlier, in June 2023, Karen Nyamu claimed on social media that Samidoh was left for her, expressing a willingness to share him, as Edday had supposedly left him for her.

Jackie Matubia, Blessing Lung’aho relationship drama

Barely months after giving birth to their first child together, Actress Jackie Matubia and fellow thespian Blessing Lung’aho broke up after two years of blissful relationship.

What started with a cute video to announce their relationship and news of their unborn child to the public, turned into a game of cryptic posts and a ‘happily never after’ Jackie Matubia.

Zora actress Jackie Matubia with her baby daddy Blessing Lung'aho. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)/Instagram
Zora actress Jackie Matubia with her baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Matubia and Blessing parted ways in June before their daughter turned one after a series of cryptic posts by the actress on social media.

On Father’s Day, June 18, 2023, Matubia raised eyebrows when she celebrated herself on social media without acknowledging either of her baby daddies.

She posted a humorous photo of a man lying next to a packet of diapers in a supermarket, suggesting that he had ‘fainted’ upon seeing the high cost of diapers.

The accompanying message read, “Happy Father’s Day, deadbeats,” indicating her frustration with fathers who shirk their parental responsibilities.

Lupita Nyong’o breakup

Blink and you’d have missed someone hurting an accomplished woman like Lupita Nyong’o.

If love hasn’t made you a motivational speaker before, then you have not loved.

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The American-based actress announced that she and her 52-year-old boyfriend had split up on October 20.

The Oscar-award-winning actress turned into a motivational speaker and adopted a pet for companionship to cope with the breakup.

Lupita Nyong'o announces the end of her relationship with Masekela. PHOTO/Lupita Nyong'o/Instagram
Lupita Nyong’o announces the end of her relationship with Masekela. PHOTO/Lupita Nyong’o(@lupitanyongo)/Instagram

In a statement, Lupita revealed that their relationship was embroiled in a web of deception that she could not stand.

“I am tempted to run into the shadows and hide, only to return to the light when I have regained my strength enough for me to say, “Whatever, my life is better this way.” But I am reminded that the magnitude of the pain I am feeling is equal to the measure of my capacity for love,” she shared.

“I hope it’s true… I share this to keep it 100%, and I hope that the knowledge of my experience might be useful to someone else out there experiencing the grip of heartbreak who is poised to try and escape from the pain and miss out on the wisdom that comes from it,” she expressed.

The ‘Wakanda‘ actress also deleted all posts about Masekela from her social media accounts.

“Let’s face our pain so we don’t spread it,” Lupita added.

Amber Ray accuses Rapudo of physically assaulting her

Keeping up with these two love birds was an extreme sport this year.

From money laundering (wash wash) claims to accusations of living a fake lifestyle, these two were an unscripted TV show.

Amber Ray recently got back together with her fiancé shortly after accusing him of physically assaulting her.

Kennedy Rapudo and his fiancée Amber Ray. PHOTO/Kennedy Rapudo(@kennedyrapudo)/Instagram
Kennedy Rapudo and his fiancée
Amber Ray. PHOTO/Kennedy Rapudo(@kennedyrapudo)/Instagram

Through a series of posts that raised concerns among her fans, she revealed that her home was no longer safe as her partner had exhibited violence.

“The foundation of love and unity upon which a marriage should stand has become blurred, leaving me emotionally drained. I’ve endured this environment for a while now, and for the sake of my well-being and safety, I had to make the difficult choice to prioritize myself. The wounds and scars extend beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I have to put myself first,” she expressed.

“I understand that the upcoming days and weeks will be challenging for me, but I’d rather find inner peace than maintain a false façade. I’d rather speak my truth than let gossip tarnish the life my family and I have built so far. Things at home haven’t been ideal, but they will improve. My family will be okay, and eventually, so will I,” she added.

During her birthday, Amber Ray and Rapudo were spotted getting cosy together and they have been living together since the scandal.