Ashanti reveals sister’s traumatic experience with domestic violence

Ashanti reveals sister’s traumatic experience with domestic violence

The world of entertainment is not immune to societal issues such as domestic violence, as evidenced by a recent disclosure from Grammy-winning singer Ashanti about her younger sister, Kenashia Douglas’s, traumatic experience in an abusive relationship. Ashanti’s narrative about her sister’s ordeal was revealed in an exclusive clip from an episode of Red Table Talk, highlighting the trials faced not only by the victims of such atrocities but also by those who support them.

The ordeal of Ashanti’s sister, Kenashia Douglas:
Ashanti, despite her fame, found herself confronting a circumstance that no sibling should ever be subjected to – witnessing a loved one undergo a violent relationship. The intimate bond between siblings goes beyond the glimmer and allure of the entertainment business.


In the episode of Red Table Talk, Ashashi shared her feelings of impotence when she discovered the reality of Kenashia’s situation. Described as “gut-wrenching”, the abusive relationship left Ashanti caught between her instinct to shield her sibling and the need to respect her sister’s choices.

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While the precise timeline of the abusive relationship remains vague, Ashanti revealed that it was during a phone call with Kenashia that she grasped the severity of the situation. In the exclusive clip, Ashanti voiced her concerns about the destructive nature of the relationship, comparing it to a mutual consumption of poison. As an older sister, she found herself in the precarious position of expressing her dissent while understanding that her sister was dealing with complexities that lay beneath the surface.

Kenashia Douglas’s experience with domestic violence:
At the age of 33, Kenashia Douglas has bravely chosen to speak out about her experience with domestic violence. Ashanti, in recognizing her sister’s courage, underscored the significance of Kenashia’s decision to share her story during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In a poignant social media post last month, Ashanti honoured her sister and highlighted the grim reality of domestic violence. Alongside the touching post, the “Foolish” singer shared harrowing images of Kenashia marked with bruises and blood, serving as a grim testament to the physical harm domestic violence can inflict on its victims. While she didn’t name her abuser, it’s known that Kenashia was engaged to rapper Slow Bucks.

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Kenashia Douglas’s ex-fiancée, Slow Bucks:
As the narrative unfolds, questions about the whereabouts of Kenashia Douglas’s former fiancée, Slow Bucks, are inevitable. The rapper, who was engaged to Kenashia during this tumultuous phase of her life, has seemingly chosen to keep a low profile following these revelations.

At present, there is not much clarity regarding Slow Bucks’s reaction to the allegations of domestic violence or his current whereabouts. Whether he will address these allegations in the public domain or continue to keep his silence remains a matter of speculation.