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ASEAN NOW launches ‘Political Soapbox’: The ultimate forum for expats to discuss world politics

Joe Biden and Donald Trump | PHOTO: Collage made with photoes from NPR & CNBC respectively

Thailand’s leading expat forum, ASEAN NOW, has been a space for expatriates to seek advice, community, and insightful discussions about living in Southeast Asia. With that, ASEAN NOW has been listening to the increasing interest among expats to engage in world politics and has launched a new forum for it. The new forum, named Political Soapbox, has quickly become the go-to platform for political discourse with a particular focus on the highly anticipated and approaching Biden and Trump elections.

The birth of Political Soapbox

The birth of Political Soapbox has come during the recognition of the community’s thirst for political discussion by ASEAN NOW with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a dedicated space where expats can freely discuss world politics, delving deep into current events that are shaping the globe, and sharing their perspectives. You can join the political discourse and get heated by visiting the forum now!

Political Soapbox
Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash

Since the new forum has been up, the response and the buzz surrounding it have been astounding. Within the first five days, Political Soapbox has seen a surge of activity with their threads buzzing with fiery and passionate debates. However, within the heat, you can also find colourful insights from expats who come from various countries and backgrounds all of who are eager to share their views and engage with others.

Big focus on the Biden-Trump Debate

Right now, one of the hottest topics that is dominating the forum is the Biden vs. Trump debate. With the forthcoming elections capturing the world’s attention, expats are keen on staying updated and discussing the implications, strategies, and potential outcomes of such a significant political event happening in the United States.

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ASEAN NOW launches 'Political Soapbox': The ultimate forum for expats to discuss world politics | News by Thaiger

With that, you will find that Political Soapbox provides the perfect platform for these in-depth discussions where members can express their opinions about the campaigns and even the candidates, analyse the candidates; policies, and even predict the future scenarios pre and post-election.

Why Political Soapbox is the Place to Be

You can find the Political Soapbox subforum under the World News forum and begin your discussion there. You will find that the forum is not just a space for debate but a comprehensive experience that complements the existing offerings that ASEAN NOW provides. Members can read the latest world news on ASEAN NOW and then immediately jump straight into the Political Soapbox to discuss and dissect those news items. With this, members can be ensured that they are always well-informed and are ready to engage in meaningful discussions.

ASEAN NOW launches 'Political Soapbox': The ultimate forum for expats to discuss world politics | News by Thaiger
Join the political discourse at Political Soapbox on ASEAN NOW

This forum is gaining traction and that’s not just because of the hot topics it covers but that can be attributed to the inclusive and respectful community as well. The forum is well-moderated to ensure that the discussion remains civil and productive which makes it a welcoming environment for expats to explore diverse viewpoints.

What are you waiting for? Hop into the Political Soapbox now to begin discussing politics to gain and share insights!

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