Armed thugs break into Zari Hassan’s home, brutally attack security guard

Armed thugs break into Zari Hassan’s home, brutally attack security guard

Zari Hassan’s home in Uganda was raided by armed thugs who stole property of unknown value and savagely attacked her security guard.

The Ugandan socialite spoke about the robbery at his home in a video she posted on her social media account.


Zari said the robbery happened while she was not at home and that her security guard was ambushed, tied and attacked.

She disclosed that the thugs tortured her security guard as they sliced off one of his ears, cut through his head and used an AK-47 rifle to hit him.

“My house in Uganda got broken into while I was out and you know they tied my security guard up and they took a lot of stuff from the house. They literally butchered him, sliced his ear off, cut through his head. I think it’s the butt of the AK-47 that they used to literally hit him on the head. He was badly, brutally butchered,” Zari said.

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Armed thugs break into Zari Hassan’s home, brutally attack security guard 1

Zari stated her family was not hurt during the robbery even though the thieves brutally attacked her security guard and stole a lot of things from her house.

“They “got into the house woke my family members up asking where is this where is that, they managed to get away with quite a lot of things but that is not the issue we are safe, my family members are safe but the security guard hopefully he heals but he was brutally attacked,” Zari said.

The 43-year-old mother of five added that the thieves were trying to steal her cars when they heard police sirens and took off.

“These motherf** had the audacity to ask where are the keys to the cars coz they wanted to drive with the cars out and I think on hearing the police coming they ran off. When the police got to the house the ignition of the car was on, they were ready to drive out,” she said.

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Zari was confident that the thugs would be arrested since they made the mistake of stealing a government AK-47 rifle. In Uganda, private security guards are allowed to arm themselves with guns.

“Having a security guard with guns I thought could make things easier but I guess extra care and caution is needed here. One thing for sure I am telling you I am gonna work with the Ugandan police hand in hand because there was a gun stolen, that is a government property. A whole AK 47 stolen and we are going to find you. I felt vandalised, getting into my bedroom and literally just seeing, I am like what,” Zari said.