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Arabella Del Busso is JAILED: Reality TV star and NRL player Josh Reynolds’ ex is thrown behind bars for stealing

Arabella Del Busso – the reality TV contestant and ex-girlfriend of NRL star Josh Reynolds – has been jailed for stealing $52,000 from her employer.

Del Busso was sentenced in the Sutherland Local Court in Sydney’s south after admitting two charges of theft as an employee.

She was a receptionist at Rheumatology Specialist Care in September 2019 when her bosses realized she had deposited company money into her account.

The St George Shire Standard reported that magistrate Hugh Donnelly convicted Del Busso for her ‘appalling breach of trust’.

“She must be held accountable and her behavior must be exposed,” he said.

Court records obtained by Ny Breaking Australia showed Del Busso was sentenced to 20 months in prison with a non-parole period of 12 months.

She will be eligible for release in February 2025.

Del Busso became a figure of public fame after it was revealed she faked three pregnancies while Reynolds’ girlfriend after the pair met on Instagram in 2018.

She later described that as a ‘white lie’ when she appeared on SAS Australia.

After meeting Reynolds on Instagram in December 2018, Del Busso enjoyed a one-night stand with the sports star before claiming she was pregnant with twins.

She later told him she had suffered a miscarriage, before claiming she was pregnant again in March 2019 but miscarried again.

Del Busso shot to fame during her messy breakup with NRL star Josh Reynolds (pictured together)

Del Busso shot to fame during her messy breakup with NRL star Josh Reynolds (pictured together)

Del Busso claimed to be pregnant again in June and sent her boyfriend a series of 12-week scans.

“I told my partner I had a pregnancy scare and I showed it to him and said it was ours, when in fact it wasn’t our scan at all,” she admitted on SAS Australia after being pressed for the truth. .

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Reynolds announced he was expecting twins by sharing footage of his gender reveal on social media in December 2018, and said the expectant parents had set up a daycare center.

Since the public saga between the then-couple made headlines, Reynolds has claimed that Del Busso has been faking photos and even injecting himself with IVF fertility drugs to make herself appear pregnant.

She later described that as a

She later described that as a “white lie” when she appeared on SAS Australia in 2020

Reynolds’ legal team claimed in court that Del Busso was never pregnant and said they had medical documentation to prove it.

Additionally, he claimed she lied about her mother’s death, claiming she had cancer to trick him and other ex-boyfriends into giving her money.

Reynolds claims he gave her more than $4,000 after she told him her mother had died and needed money for funeral expenses.

After her mother was revealed to be alive, Del Busso told 60 Minutes that the person she considered her mother had died.



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