Anupama resolves to bring Choti home despite Anuj’s objections

Anupama’s emotional revelations and surprising twist in latest episode

In the latest episode of Anupama, a much-anticipated update unfolds. Anupama has resolved to bring Choti home after breakfast, a decision motivated by her fear of Anuj. Anupama questions Anuj’s motives and actions, leading him to pull her closer. Anuj reveals his status as a father, and expresses his frustration at being ignored by Anupama despite his early morning attempts to win her over, dressed in his finest suit. He pleads with Anupama, asserting that life requires colour, to which she responds with a witty suggestion of adding chaat masala. Anuj seeks clarity on where their relationship is heading.

Anupama and Anuj share a longstanding friendship, and Choti, who is learning dance from Anupama, is keen to return to her dance school. Anuj, who has been in a relationship with Anupama for some time, is more inclined towards companionship than romance. As they pray for their friendship to remain unbroken, Anupama is pained to see her friend in this state. Malti Devi, who is in the car with Choti, assures Anupama that she will call her once they reach home. Anuj shares Choti’s dance video, praising Anupama’s teaching skills, and confirms that she will fetch Choti after breakfast.

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Anupama is surprised when Malti Devi announces her decision to pick up Choti, assuring them there is no need for worry. Anupama insists on picking Choti up herself due to a prior arrangement, but Malti Devi claims to be unable to hear Anupama and ends the call. Anupama pleads with her to let Choti speak to her, while Romil speculates that Malti Devi might be plotting something. Anuj, however, vows not to repeat his mistake.

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Malti Devi tells Choti and the others that Anupama and Anuj are preoccupied, and suggests Choti insist on speaking with her mother. She predicts that Malti Devi is scheming and that they will get their opportunity soon. Anupama stumbles and falls on the road just as Choti is called up for the competition. They proceed to the competition, but not before Anupama steps in to tie their hands. Choti is overjoyed to see her mother, while Malti Devi seethes at the sight of Anupama.

In essence, the long and complex friendship between Anupama and Anuj is a focal point of the narrative. Their close bond, interspersed with challenges and setbacks, underscores the importance of love and friendship, and the hurdles young individuals face in navigating life’s trials.