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Angry Eric Omondi Displays Millions as He Blasts Ex-Kiss Radio Presenter

Despite the harsh economic times being felt across the country, some people in the country continue to swim in the adulation of millions of cash, almost everybody’s dream.

Some days after Mike Sonko showcased millions of cash, Eric Omondi, a popular comedian has too taken to his social media account to show Kenyans wards of cash that he claims are his.79ae3efef24b4e01953c133a80eef71c?quality=uhq&resize=720

The visibly angry comedian displayed the millions as he meted unwritten able insults at Ex-Kiss FM Radio Presenter, Oga Obinna. This is after the presenter termed Eric Omondi, a con man. Earlier while reacting to Eric Omondi’s act of donating Unga, Obinna had questioned Eric’s source of money saying he is either a con man or someone’s project.

This irked Eric Omondi who has now released a video where he displays Millions of cash. The irate comedian downplayed Obinna as someone unworthy to address him.f5ee23de014c4766926e0dcf01822f32?quality=uhq&resize=720

The comedian displayed wards of cash which were denoted in thousands of Kenyan cash from his leaving room, bedroom and even in his washroom.

Below are some of the screengrabs from Eric Omondi’s Video. To watch the video click the link at the end of the article:e12ae1c3234345e882a75c7ff3ef3d83?quality=uhq&resize=72037cbe2f27e2c4ec5a767dfec7683d761?quality=uhq&resize=720f96dea46b9e14d9291320506edeba511?quality=uhq&resize=720

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