Akothee Longs For A 6Th Child;Here Is What She Does To Achieve It

Akothee Longs For A 6Th Child;Here Is What She Does To Achieve It

Dubious Kenyan financial specialist cum-vocalist Esther Akoth ;Akothee has formally started the excursion to search for a 6th kid, and she can’t resist the urge to panic about it.

Taking to her instagram account in a most recent post, the Djele hit creator infact revealed to her great many fans that she maintains that the pregnancy should be certain.

To accomplish this, Akothee uncovered that she is in any event, taking Pregnacare Origination.This is an enhancement that assists a lady with getting a sound origination at whatever point she is searching for a child.

It has zinc that allegedly helps in typical ripeness and multiplication. Different supplements that help the female conceptive wellbeing are additionally in the item.

Akothee longs for child number 6.It is a well known fact that Akothee is longing to have a 6th youngster.


The ‘Djele’ hit producer has infact been needing to have a 6th kid for quite a while at this point, despite the fact that she has not prevailed because of one explanation or the other.

In late 2022, Akothee and her first love Denis Schweizer pseudonym Mr Omosh were in any event, expecting their most memorable youngster together.

Anyway she tragically wound up experiencing an unsuccessful labor because of pregnancy inconveniences.


Indeed, even from that point forward, Akothee has not yet abandoned getting a child. She infact needs to be a mother again straightaway.

Simply recently, she unveiled to her fans that she was even prepared to do anything in order to guarantee that she gets pregnant, including quiting web based entertainment just to zero in on that.

“Days are running and the year is drawing nearer, we are not pregnant yet, I assume I’m excessively anxious. So I need to require all that to be postponed and focus on my affection life. On the off chance that I don’t get pregnant among now and July, each and every other thing will wait…” she composed.

“…I will enjoy some time off from everybody and everything including virtual entertainment. Permit me to search for my subsequent last conceived child, before we discuss different things. I need to be a mother this year. Omondi the seventh dwaro Nyathi @misteromosh

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