Akothee Flaunts New Album, Reveals Marital Secret

Akothee Flaunts New Album, Reveals Marital Secret

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It is not yet over for Esther Akoth famously known as Akothee. Despite having her wedding done more barely two months ago, Akothee is still over the moon having revealed flying out for the delayed honeymoon.

Taking her uncontrollable excitement to her social media handle, the mother of five flaunted her newest gallery where she shared her pictures while in France at Rouen. From the caption she attached on the album, it’s as clear as crystal that the singer is more than being physically available for her husband.

For those who love using parables and words with hidden meanings to express their views, can say upon reading the caption that Akothee, at the moment, is a piece of fruitful land readily waiting for seeds to be planted.5c6f0468c1c24ee4af2c0b665ac5df84?quality=uhq&resize=720

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She is tilled already, has right moisture and in as far as she is concerned, planted seeds can germinate sooner than her online fans expect.

“Finally going to my husband after spending time with my uterus . I feel better relaxed and ready for him. Baby take me wherever you want ,I am all yours tonight.” She proudly wrote.

However, the CEO of Akothee Foundation further left a line of a piece of advice to her swiss lover asking him to endorse the spirit of love and respect in their brand new marriage.

She added:

“For as long as we love each other, feel each other, respect and embrace each other. Marriage is a commitment it’s not a contract.c2a8acc40b0f46adb8156fe1cc688e5d?quality=uhq&resize=720

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