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“Aki Jackie Ataniua” Eric Omondi Says When Asked to Talk About DNA Test on Jackie Maribe’s Son

Eric Omondi has responded to Jackie’s request to stop talking about her child publicly. He did this after online journalist Mungai Eve asked for his opinion on what Jackie shared online.

Eric said that he cannot say anything because Jackie called and asked him to never mention her child online again. That they talked about so many things and he promised to do as she said.

He said, “Jackie called me yesterday and told me not to talk about this story. She is my friend by the way, so I decided to respect her request. Bringing this issue to the public is not fair to her, the kid and other people. I’ll offend her if I talk about it again.”

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Eve insisted to know how they agreed on performing a DNA test but Eric refused to talk about it. He said that Jackie would kill him if he went against what they had talked about

“Wacha tusiongelelee hiyo, aki Jackie ataniua. Yaani ataniua officially… Aliniambia niko na verbal diarrhoea sasa wacha ninyamaze.” Eric said.

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He advised Eve to call Jackie and get the information from her if she really wanted it.

Watch this part of the interview from minute 24:40 on this video.

This online feud between Eric and Jackie started when he shared that the child he is expecting with Lyne is his first one, stating that Jackie refused to have a DNA test done on her son to confirm that he is the father.

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