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6 year old Thai girl rescued after being forced to deliver drugs

Photo via Channel 7

A Thai man in the central province of Suphan Buri organised the rescue of a six year old girl after witnessing her family members using drugs and forcing her to deliver narcotics throughout the community. Her home is only 500 metres from a police station but officers appeared to be unaware of the problem.

The Thai man, identified only as Ek, reached out to social media influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, to help save the young girl from her toxic family claiming failure to do so would destroy her future. He knew about the family’s drug use and trafficking for a long time but decided to expose the story when the girl asked him for help.

According to Ek, the girl rushed to him in tears saying her mother beat her. Ek later took the girl home and had a chance to see her living conditions. She lived with her mother, stepfather, and grandparents. What shocked him was that everyone was using drugs in front of the girl.

Ek pretended to visit the girl frequently and brought her snacks to learn more about the family’s illegal activity. He saw the girl grab drug tools and imitate how each of her family members took drugs.

Ek said he also saw the girl pick up a packet of drugs from outside her home for her family before distributing them to other drug addicts in the community.

Ek pointed out that police should have known about the drug dealing and use because the girl’s home was only 500 metres away from the Mueang Suphan Buri Police Station, and a police booth was just 80 metres away from her house.

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Major drug dealer

Ek claimed that he reported the issue to the provincial government departments but to no avail. He also claimed that the family received drugs from a major drug dealer in the province. He said this dealer was close to the police, as he had witnessed the dealer dining with some police officers.

Gun visited the community and rescued the girl yesterday, July 10. To identify the major drug dealer, Gun tricked other dealers in the community who offered drugs to the girl’s family into meeting him by releasing fake news that a lottery winner in the community would give away money.

Gun’s trick led to the arrests of three drug dealers and users and the rescue of two more young boys. Further investigation into the case led to a suspicious man known as Benz Hong Sing (meaning Benz Swan Racing). Police officers are now investigating whether this man is the wanted drug dealer.

Thai family used 6 year old girl to deliver drug

Photo via Matichon

6 year old Thai girl rescued from drug-addicted family
Photo via Matichon

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