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10 Photos Of Abel Mutua’s Wife Slaying In Elegant Outfits

Abel Mutua alias Mkurugenzi is a renowned content creator cum film star in the nation who has been in the industry for over ten years.Away from the screens,he is a family man graced with a gorgeous wife and daughter.

Mutua’s wife named Judy Nyawira has also garnered a huge fan base creating a name for herself in the entertainment industry.She has occasionally proved to be a fashion icon who always nails it when it comes to cladding.Her fashion always comprises of descent and elegant outfits that give her an adorable look.

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When it comes to beauty,she is among the stars who always rock in natural beauty.Below are some photos which prove that she is indeed a fashion guru.9c2aaf978162458abf6b2da5e1dd2380590e968ff3dd4862a4db36e824b79dd07a398753f6ed486bb11032f5885b48950b3161fdf3f74a5b8c7b18e4769effd0e58b14cf9ac34a7187818e9726d95e996669b3ae287142a4b34e8c4e0d233cf80044128ede084a7aa1d91216f47e366c383b05cead2a4dc8ab93a6978acfd25dWhat is your take on the beauty and fashion game of Ms Nyawira? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Remember to observe traffic rules and spread love as we continue to engage in nation building activities.

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