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William Mccleese Obituary: Longtime Residence Of Hamden CT Has Tragically Passed Away

William Mccleese Obituary: Discover the remarkable life and legacy of William McCleese, a prosperous entrepreneur who made a lasting impact. Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net.

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William E. McCleese, affectionately known as “Mac” and “Mook,” began his performing career on November 13, 2022, marking a significant turning point in his life. With newfound freedom, he embraced the opportunity to take charge and make progress. Born on August 12, 1944, in Portsmouth, Virginia, William’s parents, John and Lillie McCleese, embarked on their journey as pioneering parents with his arrival.

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Throughout his life, William’s unwavering determination and future-oriented outlook propelled him to achieve great success as an entrepreneur. His legacy will be carried on by his daughter, Simona, and his grandchildren, Brandon, Mary, Edna, and Flossie, who will forever cherish his memory. Even his great-grandchildren will hold him close to their hearts.

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Join us as we honor the remarkable life of William McCleese and celebrate the indelible mark he left on the world.

William McCleese Obituary


Remembering the Life and Legacy of William McCleese

Today, we gather to honor the life and achievements of William E. McCleese, a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on the world. Known affectionately as “Mac” by his colleagues and “Mook” by his beloved grandchild, William embarked on his performing career on November 13, 2022. This marked a turning point in his life, as he was finally able to prioritize his own aspirations and make significant progress.

Early Life and Family

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On August 12, 1944, in Portsmouth, Virginia, John and Lillie McCleese welcomed their first child into the world. This momentous occasion marked the beginning of their journey as parents, and they embraced the role with unwavering dedication. As pioneering parents, they were overjoyed to welcome their child into the world, and their love and support laid the foundation for William’s future success.

Throughout the years, William’s family grew, and he became a cherished father to his daughter Simona, and a beloved grandfather to Brandon, Mary, Edna, and Flossie. His legacy will continue to live on through his grandchildren, who will forever hold him in their hearts. Even his great-grandchildren will carry his memory with them, ensuring that his spirit lives on through the generations.

Accomplishments and Legacy

William McCleese was not only a loving family man but also a prosperous entrepreneur who achieved remarkable success throughout his life. His unwavering perseverance and future-oriented mindset propelled him to accomplish great things in the business world. His integrity, resolve, and forward-thinking approach were a true reflection of his character.

William’s accomplishments serve as a testament to his dedication and hard work. He leaves behind a legacy that will inspire future generations to strive for greatness. His entrepreneurial spirit and determination will continue to guide and motivate those who follow in his footsteps.


As we gather here today, we do so with deep gratitude for the privilege of celebrating William McCleese’s life. His passing is a profound loss, but we take solace in the knowledge that his memory will forever be cherished. Let us remember him not only for his achievements but also for the love and kindness he shared with his family and friends. May his spirit continue to inspire us to live our lives with purpose and determination.

We mourn the loss of William McCleese, known affectionately as “Mac” by his colleagues and “Mook” by his lone grandchild. A talented performer, he began his career on November 13, 2022, and today marks his debut. Born on August 12, 1944, in Portsmouth, Virginia, William was the first child of John and Lillie McCleese. Although his parents have since passed away, his legacy lives on through his daughter, Simona, and his grandchildren, Brandon, Mary, Edna, and Flossie. His great-grandchildren will also hold him dear in their hearts. William was a future-oriented person, known for his integrity and resolve in both business and life. As a successful entrepreneur, he achieved great things through his perseverance. Whether you knew him as Mac or William Mook, his impact will be remembered. We honor his memory with deep gratitude and offer our condolences to his loved ones.



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