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WATCH: Dog With Hammer viral video trending on all over the social media

Dog With Hammer Viral Video

Dog With Hammer viral video

The animal got brutally hurt in many places and lost sight in one eye. Something terrible happened in Florida that has made people question humanity. Many of them asked the government to take strict action against those who try to harm these innocent creatures. A young woman named Elizabeth Jaimess was filmed hitting a husky named Maya with a rubber hammer. The event caused harm to the dog, including many injuries, such as broken bones and loss of sight in one eye. Jaimes’s boyfriend’s mother owned a Siberian husky. She was what had happened on a secret camera and called the police. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shared a video.

The video displayed Jaimes holding a dog’s leash with her left hand and hitting the helpless animal with a rubber mallet in her right hand. In the video, Jaimes hit the dog’s head with a mallet multiple times while the dog cried in pain. Currently, Maya, the dig was brought to the Veterinary Emergency Group for medical care after being abused. The animal doctors discovered that she had many injuries, such as broken bones and a hit to her head, which made her unable to see from one eye.

Maya got treated and later was handed over to her owner, who is said to be the boyfriend’s mother of Elizabeth Jaimes. The person who owns something wants to stop Jaimes from coming near them. Currently, Jaimes got arrested and accused of hurting an animal badly with a weapon, which is a grave crime. Maya is getting better at her House after Jaimess hurt her. It’s uncertain if the dog will suffer long-term consequences from the mistreatment.  However, the owner said that Maya is getting better gradually, and is being watched closely by animal doctors. Many people on the internet are furious about what happened to Maya. People want the person responsible should get punishment for the wrongdoings and imply strict rules against hurting animals. The situation is being looked into, and Jaimes might have to go to jail for 15 if proven guilty.

Elizabeth Jaimess was taken into custody by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida on May 2, 2023. She is accused of severely harming a 9-year-old Siberian Husky named Maya and has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Using a weapon, she did something bad to an animal and was accused of a serious crime. On May 3, 2023, she spent a day in jail and got out by paying $10,000. The court said Jaimes couldn’t go near the victim’s house, talk to the victim or the dog, and needed to get a mental health checkup done. Jaimes was told to go to court on June 1, 2023, for a meeting before the trial, as per the court papers, after she was let go. As per the court’s order, she has to give up her passport and wear a device on her ankle until her case is over.

Dog With Hammer Viral Video

Reportedly, she may get imprisoned for up to 15 years for harming an animal if proven guilty. Many people are angry and want Jaimes to be responsible for what she did. This has become a big deal across the globe, people who love animals and care about their rights have been paying close attention to Maya’s case and hoping for speedy justice.


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