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VH1 Greenlights Unprecedented Spinoff: ‘The Impact New York’ Set to Unveil the Lives of NYC’s Elite Influencers, Featuring Bernice Burgos, Ashley Marie Burgos, DreamDoll, and More!

The city that never sleeps is about to be redefined by VH1’s latest addition to its hit franchise, “The Impact New York.” This one-hour unscripted series, which will premiere on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, promises an exclusive look into the lives of the city’s top influencers in business, music, beauty, and fashion.

This new installment goes beyond the glitz and glamour to explore the real-life struggles of New York’s cultural tastemakers, and is executive produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Quality Films, the film and television arm of Quality Control Music, the powerhouse behind the successful BET+ Original series “The Impact Atlanta.”

The cast, boasting millions of followers, includes:

  1. Ashley Marie Burgos (@realashleyburgos):
    A 26-year-old multi-talented model following in the footsteps of her mega-influencer mother, Bernice Burgos. Ashley, with nearly one million dedicated fans, is carving her own path in the music industry with hit singles like “Knock Knock.”

  2. Bernice Burgos (@realberniceburgos):
    Hailing from Manhattan, Bernice Burgos stands as a true legend, breaking through as a model and entrepreneur. Beyond her modeling career, she empowers women through her sleepwear line, Bold & Beautiful.

  3. Chinese Kitty (@chinesekitty):
    With an impressive following of nearly 4 million, Chinese Kitty is a force in both music and social media. Renowned for her beauty and unapologetic East Coast intensity, she is a rapper, entrepreneur, and Love & Hip Hop Miami star.

  4. Cleotrapa (@iamcleotrapa):
    A captivating recording artist from Staten Island, Cleotrapa, at 25, has become one of social media’s most beloved personalities, blending humor and charisma.

  5. DreamDoll (@dreamdoll):
    The Bronx native, DreamDoll, with over 5 million followers, has carved her path in the rap genre. Known for her fiery verses and top-tier fashion sense, she collaborates with industry giants like Lil Kim and French Montana.

  6. Ella Rodriguez (@slaybyella):
    Known as Ella Bands, this Bronx native has turned social media prominence into a thriving million-dollar empire. As an entrepreneur, vocalist, and dedicated mother, she stands as a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Maleni Cruz (@malenicruz):
    Hailing from Brooklyn, Maleni has become a viral sensation with her carefree demeanor and exceptional humor. Alongside her partner Chicklet, she fearlessly expresses her opinions to 3 million adoring followers.

  8. Scot Louie (@scotlouie):
    An acclaimed celebrity fashion stylist and culinary enthusiast from Brooklyn, Scot Louie is set to make a flavorful mark beyond the fashion industry with his upcoming cookbook in Fall 2024.

“The Impact New York” is not just about the glitz; it’s a journey into the private and professional struggles of these influencers. Executive producers include Tara Long, Gennifer Gardiner, Tom Danon, ‘P’ Thomas, Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, Brian Sher, and Karam Gill. Tiffany Lea Williams, Angela Aguilera, James Knox, Ia Robinson, Anthony Sylvester, Kim Osorio, and Cecily Deutsch round out the impressive team behind the scenes.

Get ready to witness the impact as these influential personalities navigate the competitive world of media impressions, partnerships, and brand perception, taking the city that never sleeps into overdrive.



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