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TikToker Exposes Calese Crowder For Being A Creep In Barnes & Noble

After Michaela Witter, a TikTok user, posted a video on the app on August 8th experiencing a disturbing incident involving Calese Crowder at a Barnes and Noble in Burbank, California.

In the viral video, Witter stated that she constantly saw Calese Crowder circling and following her. She began recording when she sensed something wasn’t right and was shocked to see Crowder stooping down behind her, purportedly to “smell” her. Michaela captured Calese in the act on her camera when he attempted to do the same thing with another woman.

In the TikTok video, Michaela is heard saying: “The whole time, I’m thinking I’m fine because he hasn’t said anything or touched me or anything. But then you notice that he goes over and does the same thing to this girl. And he’ll crouch down low and pretend like he’s doing something and then smell.”

Later, she noticed the man standing right behind her and decided to confront him. When I asked what he was doing, he said he was just “tying his shoe.” Michaela, on the other hand, became paranoid and dashed towards her car.


The ugly side of doing things solo as a woman even in an open public space. Stalking, harrassment, etc. has happened to me way too many times but this definitely ranks top 3 creepiest moments. Please be safe and attentive to your surroundings unlike myself. Unfortunately, as women we have to have all senses aware even in spaces we wouldnt think necessary #100solodateideas #solodateideas #womenproblems #menarescary

♬ original sound – Michaela 🤍


Replying to @cristalcruz46 thank you to everyone who shared their experience with this same man. It made them take the matter more seriously knowing its happened on multiple occasions #stalker

♬ original sound – Michaela 🤍 –


Many women have come forward to share similar experiences they had with Calese Crowder in other stores such as Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, and so on after watching Michaela’s video.

A TikTok user, (@TizzyEnt), created a complete video to warn the women residing in that specific area as soon as Michaela posted about the frightful incident, which created a whole wormhole.


Burbank CA, be on the lookout for this creep! @Michaela 🤍 has more.

♬ original sound – TizzyEnt

Does Calese Crowder have a criminal history?

Calese Crowder has been arrested and detained several times for his long history of “peeping, prowling, and residential burglary activity within the City of Glendale.”

According to a government website, between April 2020 and September 2021, multiple people reported Calese Crowder for late-night burglaries and window-peeping incidents.

Calese Crowder was arrested for prowling after a woman caught him looking through her bedroom window, according to the website, but was later released.

However, only two weeks later, another person reported a man “matching Crowder’s description,” claiming she saw someone looking at her through her kitchen window.

Investigators later determined that it was Calese Crowder, and he was arrested again on September 23, 2021.

A TikTok user (@TizzyEnt) posted another video on the platform in which he discussed Calese Crowder’s past.


Replying to @MrsSeneriz UPDATE: So much more! He is a menace!! @♡ has the other video.

♬ original sound – TizzyEnt

Almost two years later, it appears Calese Crowder is still stalking women, peeping, and prowling in Burbank, California.

It is currently unknown whether the authorities have taken any action because neither Michaela nor the local police have provided an update on the situation.


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