Sexxy Redd rapper leaked video, Janae Nierah Wherry video leaks on twitter and reddit

Sexxy Redd rapper leaked video, Janae Nierah Wherry video leaks on twitter and reddit

Since her debut, Sexyy Red has met many fellow artists, but in her opinion, this is nothing more than professionalism. In an episode of popular YouTuber Zias’ mukbang show released on Sunday (October 1), the two discussed whether any rappers were trying to take them to Pound Town. While Drake previously joked that she was his “legal wife,” Rede confirmed that no one has actually tried dating her — and she plans to continue doing so.

“I don’t want rappers [in this industry],” she said. “It’s like I’ve met everybody. Not everybody, but I’ve met great people, but I haven’t met a nigga who’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m in.’ ” Like where I have a crush. I may be a fan of your music, but it’s not like, “Oh, I have a huge crush on him.” “Oh, I want him!” No, it’s not that. They don’t even try to talk to me. “

Sexxy Redd rapper leaked video, Janae Nierah Wherry video leaks on twitter and reddit 1

She continued: “I didn’t know what it was. I just told my friends, ‘Damn, am I a cripple or something?’ “I don’t have rappers. Because they don’t join me. When they see me, they just do cool stuff. Cause they sleep with all the whores, but when they see me, they’re like, ‘Man , I’ll go to bed with you. “So I left it at that. I didn’t want them to look at me the same way.

Recently, Sexyy Red was rumored to be linked to Boosie Badazz after a mystery man appeared in a bedroom photo she posted, but he was quick to deny the rumors.

The rumors started when the “Pound Town” hitmaker shared a photo on Instagram of her legs lying on a bed next to someone wearing an ankle monitor.

“I fucking love Drillaz…Dread Head Killaz,” she wrote in the caption, referencing lyrics from her new song “Shake Yo Dreads.” Later that day, Boosie quickly went to X to deny that he was the man in the photo and clarified that he was currently on holiday with his daughter. “I blocked all MFS and my DMs asked me in a sexy red photo,” he wrote. “Look, that’s not the color of my size R ankle.”

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He added: “Find someone else to play with. I’m on holiday with my daughter.” Fans are speculating that Boosie Badazz is sexyy red’s cuddle buddy as he has been wearing an ankle monitor for the past few months.

The Baton Rouge native was released on bail in June after more than a week in jail on weapons charges, including possession of a firearm and transporting a firearm on a highway.