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ScarLip Drops Highly Anticipated Track “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?” Featuring Zeddy Will

ScarLip has officially published her latest viral success, “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?,” featuring NYC-based social media sensation Zeddy Will. The music, which originated in a January TikTok post, has been highly anticipated by fans, eliciting raucous reactions during Scar’s headline gigs and generating attention on social media.

The long-awaited release is finally here for everyone to enjoy.ScarLip’s journey to “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?” began with a simple TikTok video in which she hilariously pretended desperation while looking for her lover. Despite its humble beginnings, the film swiftly garnered popularity, capturing audiences and inspiring innumerable references months after its initial upload. Scar capitalizes on the initial post’s enthusiasm by releasing the official track.

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ScarLip, known for singles such as “Welcome To New York,” “No Statements,” and “Blick,” has released a new album that highlights a more joyful and buoyant side of himself. However, “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?” still packs a punch, establishing its reputation as an anthem in and of itself.

The track’s attractiveness is heightened by its collaboration with Zeddy Will, a Queens-bred digital creator with an astounding social media following of approximately eight million followers. Will’s performance alongside ScarLip at her recent show in Connecticut further fuelled excitement for the track’s release, implying the possibility of another hit in Scar’s repertoire.

ScarLip’s reputation continues to grow, with recent awards including a digital cover feature for Hello Beautiful magazine, a watershed moment in her budding career. Scar realizes the weight of comparisons when it comes to the accolades she received from hip-hop great Swizz Beatz, but she is glad for the exposure.

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ScarLip continues to enthrall audiences from Yankee Stadium to the BET Awards in 2023, with no signs of stopping. Fans may now immerse themselves in “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?” by one of hip hop’s emerging talents.

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