Imagew888 onlyfans leaked video on twitter, Whats happened to bülent uslu

MRandom News Imagew888 onlyfans leaked video on twitter, Whats happened to bülent uslu

Imagew888 onlyfans leaked video on twitter, Whats happened to bülent uslu 1

Beşiktaş congress member and sports commentator Bülent Uslu made remarkable statements about Beşiktaş in the interview he gave to the 3rd issue of ‘Gökçe Futbolist’ magazine.

Uslu emphasized that Beşiktaş fans have experienced a significant increase in social media recently and said:


“-Mr. Bülent, even though you are not in the Beşiktaş management, how did you manage to become the favorite of the fans more than the managers in terms of being the voice of Beşiktaş fans?

  • After discovering the power of social media and understanding how people are bombarded with perception through these channels, I decided to use social media more actively in order to convey the truth to Beşiktaş fans.
  • I know very well that you unite Besiktas fans on many issues. Can you give examples of these?
  • We turned perceptions into reality together with Beşiktaş fans on many issues. But I can give examples such as Ersin Duzen’s apology to Beşiktaş fans, Nazlican Yurt having to apologize after calling our coach Sergen “X Coach” and the most memorable PAOK match being broadcast on an open channel thanks to the social media wind we created to broadcast it on an unencrypted channel.
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-We knew that Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe were previously talked about and attracted more attention both in the media and on social media. However, in my opinion, Besiktas is now talked about as much as its rivals, especially with the synergy you have created with the championships of Fikret Orman and Şenol Güneş. Do you think you are still behind? Or is this enough?

  • There has been an increase in Beşiktaş followers recently. However, despite this increase, Beşiktaş still ranks 3rd in the number of followers of the teams’ official social media pages. Therefore, I do not see this increase as sufficient. We will continue to work until we take Beşiktaş to the first place in this field. Look, I would like to emphasize one thing here. In order to be permanent on social media, in addition to colorful posts, it is necessary to stand by the truth and justice, to pursue the truth, and to do this without doing things that will offend the other party while writing these truths. When the pages made comments with expressions reminiscent of blasphemy just to attract attention, they were abandoned and deleted by the masses who realized that they were empty. “We comment on the truth in an interesting manner, sarcastically but never insulting the other party.”
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