Adan Canto Death

Adan Canto Death

Adan Canto Death. Mexican actor adan canto dead after a quiet battle with appendiceal cancer, Adan Canto, the Mexican-American actor who rose from a prosperous music career in Mexico to prominence in Hollywood, passed away on January 8. Canto began his quest to pursue a profession as a singer and guitarist in Mexico City at the age of 16, having been raised in Texas and born in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico in 1981.

His acting career started with cameos in regional TV series and advertisements, which eventually led to a major part in the 2013 Fox drama series The Following, starring Kevin Williamson. Later, he appeared in prominent TV shows like Designated Survivor, where he costarred with Kiefer Sutherland for three seasons. He also acted in Blood & Oil and Mixology during his career.

Adan Canto dead

Adan Canto

Canto has been starring in The Cleaning Lady as criminal Arman Morales opposite Élodie Yung for the past two years. His first American acting role was in Fox’s The Following, and Warner Bros. TV produced his last film, The Cleaning Lady. Additionally, Canto portrayed Minister Lara in the Netflix series Narcos.

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For the first two seasons of Fox’s popular drama series The Cleaning Lady, Adan Canto played the main character. Regretfully, he was unable to take part in the next Season 3 filming when it started in December owing to health issues. But the show wants to pay tribute to its late star in the Season 3 premiere, with plans to bring the actors back later in the season after the SAG-AFTRA strikes are over.

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Regarding the film industry, Adan Canto is well-known for his role as Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past. In addition, he had important parts in a number of well-known movies, including Agent Game, Bruised (Halle Berry’s directorial debut), and 2 Hearts.

In 2014, Canto, a budding filmmaker, made his feature picture debut as a director. Notably, as part of his growing filmmaking endeavors, he helmed a provocative Western starring Theo Rossi in 2020.

Canto is survived by his spouse, Stephanie Ann Canto, who served as both his closest friend and artistic collaborator in addition to being his life partner. He departs from their two small children, one-year-old Eve Josephine and three-year-old Roman Alder.