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My first song was gospel, I never thought of recording highlife – Ofori Amponsah

However, he indicated that because there was little to no support from the church he was in at that time, he ventured into highlife.

“I had never thought of recording highlife. After I completed my album when I was in the church, I didn’t get the kind of support I expected. It’s not only money,” he said.

To him, they will rather build churches than invest in young talents, although they regularly engage their services in church programmes.

He talked about his experiences with the church when he started his music career in the early 90s. He pointed out that he had no intentions of becoming a highlife musician because his first album was a gospel album. However, because he didn’t get enough support until Daddy Lumba figured out his potential.

He therefore pointed out that if one doesn’t take care he or she may die with their potential in the church.

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“Church is not a place where you get help when you really need it. When they collect money, they will build a church. This is what I saw in the church. At that time, I was a lay preacher. I was focused on planting churches.

If you don’t take care, you will die with your talents in the church without being fruitful although God says which should be fruitful. They take you for granted. When you sing, they don’t pay you but when a preacher comes to speak, they pay him. If you don’t invest in people, how can they grow.”

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